Our life is a maze
There is no starting point
Nor an ending
Only you and me
We will find each other
At some point of our lives
There will be times
That the corridor you’re into
Gets darker in every step you make
And the only thing that you see
Is the lit wall on the other end
And as you start to run
It gets farther and farther away
And you have no one to run to
There will also be times
That you’ll see someone
Someone with my figure
With the same skin tone
And the exact hair
As you get closer to him
You try to tap his shoulder
But when he turns around
His face is far from mine
And you’ll get hurt
But don’t worry about those things
Because as soon as you find me
You will never feel lost

I am a bird

I am a bird.

I am a bird. A bird imprisoned in a cage. Trapped by my own environment. Trapped by society. Trapped by my own peers. Trapped by the mentality they adhere within my thoughts.

I am a bird. I am destined to be free. I want to breathe each day with the thought of living. I want to soar and touch the greatness of the sky. I want to feel the warm embrace of the sun. I want to fly high and with each gesture of the wind contemporaneously dance with every beat of my wings. I want to sing with all my emotions overflowing, endearing every soul of the Earth.

I am a bird. I am willed and I am determined.